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Update [Nov. 9th, 2006|01:00 am]
Wow, so you know you've been off a site for too long when you finally come back and are actually irritated that it has changed its format... ah the things that we stress about...

So, yesterday I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled (to the tunes of Natasha Beddingfield, no less), making me not dumber, more certainly more bored. I have been hopped up on drugs all day, and have literally not stepped foot outside the apartment except to take out the trash. I can only spend so many hours playing with the kitten, cleaning my room, and watching CNN. Which brings me to one of the only reasons I post now...

To remember the day I realized I am not so liberal after all. Don't get me wrong, I am uber-thrilled that the Dems took back control of everything, but I found myself increasingly dishearted at all of their bullshit rhetoric. "Let's work together", and "we need a new direction in Iraq". Yeah, my ass. This Congress will spend 2 years gloating and attacking the president, and when that two years it up, voters won't be so pissed at Republicans anymore, and this gain may very well be for naught. In my state, on the local level and in the House, the dems I voted for won. But then there is that weisel Joe goddamn Leiberman, sticking his face where I didn't want to see it. The more I watched CNN and the talking heads last night and today, the more nauseous I became, and it wasn't due to the massive amounts of drugs in my system. Stop fucking talking, and start doing! Also, everyone and their mother seemed to vote Democratic, yet everyone and their mother also voted to ban gay marriage proposals. So, I can't really rejoice that everyone voted Democratic, because they didn't do it for the right reasons. There is nothing I hate more than an uneducated vote (thus my only issue with Diddy)... I would prefer someone not vote at all than vote for someone on name recognition or because they're mad at Bush. Some smart Republicans who were not allied with Bush and voted against the war were voted out, just because they share tha same party lines. Screw that. It is goddamn amazing that anything gets done in this country at all. Nancy Pelosi should be cool, as long as she gets a face lift. I watched her do an interview with Wolf Blitzer in which she verbally kicked the shit out of him and I'm pretty sure made him feel like a total jackass, so, she's cool with me.

Understand, political rants are not my thing anymore. For that matter, neither is writing in an online Dear Diary. I just need to vent.

In other news, I am SOOO excited that the Christmas holiday is finally approaching! This year, we are going to get a huge real tree! An advantage of high ceilings!

Also, Baby Boo is healthy and happy, Halloween was pretty hot, and I don't know what I'm doing with my life.


From: (Anonymous)
2006-11-10 03:53 am (UTC)
That's hot. Atleast Menendez speaks Spanish. I think all voting should be done this way:

They administer an IQ test, and ask you two name 10 former U.S. presidents. If you pass, you go into a big room. Then, someone reads the names of the two people running, one at a time, and you raise your hand for the one you like. Then, the person at the front of the room thinks about who had more hands raised, and that person wins. Period. No recounts. No chads or uncountable electronic ballots. Just a man. And some people.

I'm really just excited for Nancy Pelosi to get up there and start acting like the old Italian woman she is. "Shutup! Sit down and eat your linguini!" Those old men need a firecrotch like her.
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