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Life is a Journey...

or, why I love Shakira

1 June
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I kept the right ones out
And let the wrong ones in
Had a angel of mercy to see me
Through all my sins
There were times in my life
When I was goin insane
Tryin to walk through the pain

When I lost my grip
And I hit the floor
Yeah, I thought I could leave
But couldn't get out the door
I was so sick and tired
Of livin a lie
I was wishin that I would die

It's amazin
With the blink of an eye
You finally see the light

It's amazin
When the moment arrives
That you know you'll be alright
And I'm sayin a prayer
For the desperate hearts tonight

That one last shot's a permanent vacation
And how high can you fly with broken wings?
Life's a journey, not a destination
And I just can't tell just what tomorrow will bring

You have to learn to crawl
Before you learn to walk
But I just couldn't listen to
All that righteous talk
I was out on the street just tryin to survive
Scratchin to stay alive

It's amazin
When the moment arrives
That you know you'll be alright
And I'm sayin a prayer
For the desperate hearts tonight
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