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[Aug. 31st, 2006|12:42 pm]
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Doing a journal entry at Fordham in an F suite while waiting to change over my laundry... some things never change... and some do. I didn't show an ID to get into the dorm, I metro-carded into the room, so on the surface not much has changed. I thought once everybody got back for the fall I would feel somehow lacking. The opposite is true. I love everyone here, but it actually is really nice to have an apartment, and to be working doing something I really enjoy. Not like I didn't enjoy some of my classes and actually doing work for them, but that really was only at the end of junior and much of senior year. The freshmen walking around this place look like high school freshmen, and I have never felt so old, yet loved it so much. There's an energy here that I will never forget, but after being in the office a few times, it is almost gone, which is sad. So much new blood, all under the leadership of an administration who doesn't truly value the student. It's sad, and our class was fortunate to get out just in time. I still love this place, well the memory of it anyway, but in the occasion I am here again (laundry being a number 1 reason) it is nice to just chill in the dorm, and stop by the office, instead of the other way around.

Also today, I experienced my first greeting by a construction worker who was not a minority yelling extreme cat calls. Instead of the usual, I passed by two construction workers (not unattractive I might add), and I got a "good morning, miss" tinted with an Irish accent instead of obscenities ending with a "mami". Very refreshing.

So, what else... work is great, love it. The apartment is great, I love that too. I got my insurance company to reimburse me for my DVDs that were stolen, which is a nice update!

So much more, so little space, time, or energy.

[User Picture]From: mindanger
2006-09-02 01:21 am (UTC)
I don't get it, where are you?
and was this construction worker wearing a newsboy cap?
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