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Home Improvement, but with less Tim Allen... [May. 29th, 2006|10:26 pm]
[music |High School fuckin' Musical]

Ok, so I have officially started life.

I have been keeping myself busy with tiny home improvemnt projects that make me super happy. FIrst off, I installed a new showerhead because ours was balls. Then, tonight, I entered my apartment and began perspiring, so I also installed a window unit air conditioner, all by myself! God it feels good!

I finally went back to Disney. Today, for Memorial Day, the company bought us all ice cream. So, I sat in the training room all day, eating ice cream and watching TV, getting paid. Seems like nothing has changed at all! My mother asked my today when I'm going to get a real job (meaning one outside of retail/entertainment), and I just don't know the answer, and right now, I really don't care. I'm making enough money for now, plus I like having some days off to do stuff, especially with a different graduation party every weekend (most in CT, which obviously includes travel time... boo...)

So, that's it. As Maggie said somewhere, it's interesting adjusting to a life that just includes work and home. No OSA, no Student Activities, no classes... it's wierd. And for some reason, though it's less stressful, I miss the stress all the same.

I am looking forward to resuming our OSA expat lunches/dinners.

And doing laundry.