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[May. 23rd, 2006|09:19 pm]
Fordham Grad.


And that's all I have to say about that.

The apartment is starting to look pretty hot, and I have had visitors every day, which makes me realize less that I went from living with 5 others plus a whole dorm full of visitors to one other person and a select few visitors. I decided to take this week off to unpack and get myself situated, but I may end up going in on Thursday just to give me something to do, since I believe I am almost done putting the apartment together. Tomorrow I go into the office to finish up some loose ends from Senior Week, which will probably be wierd. I need to figure out the job situation. DIsney is cool, but I would really like to find a way to get Fordham to employ me, so I have to get on that.

Life as a grad so far has been about an hour of unpacking followed by a drunken lunch, another hour of unpacking, and a drunken dinner. I have to get out to the movies, and I'm thinking of rushing a show tomorrow. We shall see.

[User Picture]From: mindanger
2006-05-25 03:47 pm (UTC)
GOSH I can't wait to see the apartment all styled up!

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[User Picture]From: teddyq
2006-05-26 06:08 am (UTC)
when's the party lover? i tried to call you for happy hour and it wouldnt let me. im excited though :-)
too ridiculous
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